Self landing your kite

You are finishing your session…
A storm is coming…
Nobody’s on the beach to land your kite and you are on your own…

Here is a quick tutorial on how to self land your kite…in a few easy steps…

Step 1:
Depower your kite.
Step 2:
Move your leash back to the standard attachment, if it was in suicide mode.
Step 3:
Put your kite a the edge of the wind window and land on one side.
Step 4:
Let the bar go. At this point your kite should not be pulling and should be staying where it is.
Step 5:
Start pulling on your safety line, but first make sure it’s the top one… if not bring your kite to the opposite side of the wind window, so that your safety line is on top.
Your kite should gently land on it’s leading edge.
Step 6: Unhook and quickly secure your kite.

Hope you enjoyed.

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