WKL Brazil World Cup 2017 – Recap

As we reach the end of the year, it’s good to sit back, relax and enjoy this 26 minutes Recap of the WKL in Brazil, Cumbuco Beach, Cauipe Lagoon.

– Bruna Kajiya, WKL 2017 Champion!
– Carlos Mario, WKL 2017 Champion!
– Alex Neto,
– Hannah Whiteley,
– Vera Klabbers,
– Liam Whaley,
– Set Teixeira,
– Manoel Soares,
– Robinson Hilario
– Luis Alberto Cruz,
– Antoine Fermon,
– Posito Martinez,
– Mallory de la Villemarqué (as head judge!),
– Eudazio Da Silva,
– Paul Serin
– Adeuri Corniel
– Nicolas Delmas,
– Gianmaria Coccoluto,
– Simon Lamusse,
– Youri Zoon,
– Arthur Guillebert,
– Stefan Spiessberger,
– Alex Pastor,
– Val Garat,
– Anabel Van Westerop,
– Francesca Bagnoli,
– Paula Novotna,
– Rita Arnaus,
– Maureen Castelle,
and many more…

What’s in store for next year and 2018?
It will be presented the first week of January 2018, so stay tuned…

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