2018 Slingshot Turbine Kite

This sounds so familiar and so true…
Kite regardless of the conditions or what is around you…
This is your kite for shaky conditions or your ultimate light wind machine.
Available sizes are 13/15/17/19.
Can’t wait to try one!

We built the Turbine as a tool, a tool to get you on the water and kiteboarding as much as possible. The Turbine is in a class of its own and can’t be compared to any other kitesurfing kite. Our designers were tasked with building the ultimate kite to get you kiteboarding regardless of the conditions. This meant extending the wind minimums of kiteboarding below what was previously thought possible. Using our unique Open Delta C profile and 5 point cascading bridal system we were able to create a kite with unheard of efficiencies in both wind minimums and upwind angles.

Our R&D department tirelessly tested the leading edge of the 2018 Turbine. Results of these tests resulted in a lighter more efficient leading edge frame that prevents bridle hang ups. The build of the 2018 Turbine has improved as well with strategically placed Teijen D2 in isolated key areas throughout the kite. This new build will increase the durability of your kite as well as its wind retention and power per size.

The 2018 Turbine is a session saver for riders of all levels, and now has added durability and efficiency. Even though you may not live in a kiteboarding paradise, that doesn’t mean you should kite any less. No matter what the condition or the obstacle, you are going to kite regardless You kite more, ride more, and smile more. We built the kite to take you there.

Kite Regardless.

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