Light Wind Relaunch – Ride with Blake: Vlog 27

It’s that time of the year when winds are light.
Blake Olsen takes us through a few different steps on relaunching kites in light winds.

A kiteboarding television show?
Ride with Blake is one part travel TV show, one part Vlog, and one part Kiteboarding Trick Tips.
New episodes every Friday!
In this episode Blake returns to the place where it all started for him. The Middle East. His earliest Memories are learning to wind surf on the Persian gulf and now he’ll be spending his summers there.
The last few weeks have been light on wind so Blake will be teaching you how to do a light wind relaunch. An incredibly useful tip on those light wind days spent foilboarding.

Written & produced by Ryan (Rygo) Goloversic and Blake Olsen

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